Fashion and ballet have always had a strong connection as both have a kind of obsessive passion for the body and its forms. The Shèhèrazade collection takes inspiration from Ballet Russes, a classical ballet company founded by Sergej Djaghilev in 1911. Having spent many years of my childhood in Russia I have always been fascinated by the traditions and the culture of this nation. Leòn Bakst was one of the most prominent artists who distinguished for his artistic direction of the company. Many ballets tell stories and fairy tales of the Russian tradition so the inspiration of the prints comes from the illustrations of these fairy tales. In fairy tales there is always a conflict between good and evil, represented by the protagonist and the antagonist so inspired by this, the collection was initially divided into two parts. The elements that distinguish the two are colours, prints and oversize items. The final production is a result of a merge of the two worlds.

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Maria Canepa

My name is Maria Canepa and I'm from Genoa. I was born in Russian Federation in 1997 and I live in Italy since I was eleven. After graduating in High School in scientific subjects, I decided to follow my passion for fashion maturated from my interests in drawings and influenced by my family’s activities in the clothing industry. I believe that Fashion Design is an expression of human creativity that sometimes can turn into art. Moreover, it helps human being to express themselves and it contribute to their wellbeing.