Lavin Turku Karakoc

My name is Lavin. I was born and raised in ?stanbul, which is a very crowded city in Turkey. After graduating from high school I moved to Milan to pursue my dreams in fashion design.
Since I was fourteen, I knew that I would follow my dreams and study fashion. Fashion is the collective form of art for me. Itís the combination of movement, design and architecture all in one. Fashion is our identity and it shows who we want to be. It is the best way to express myself and I am very lucky to be a part of the fashion world.


?AHMERAN is a Greek god mythological. Head of a women. Sign of mother nature, she sacrifices herself at the end of the story.This collection tells her story.Thats why we can see feminine lines are very prominent.We see an ethnic futurism with the textures given to the fabrics.I was inspired by the fabrics of authentic old Turkish women and tried to modernize them.

?ahmeran is the Sultan of serpents. Her upper body is a gorgeous woman and her lower body is a serpent. She is a wise and reputable sultan living in a cave with her serpents. Cam?ab is an ordinary man, who find ?ahmeran's cave spontaneously after falling to a trap that his friends did. They fall in love with eachother, they share their wise and for a little while, they live together. In the end of the story, ?ahmeran is sacrificed. This is an important legend of Turkey which tells us the story of ?ahmeran and her love. In Mersin, where the legend takes place, people even hang pictures about this legend because they believe it brings good luck.
In this collection, the feminine lines are very prominent. We see an ethnic futurism with the textures given to the fabrics. And we want to reflect this ethnicity in the photos.

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Letisya Navaro

I'm Letisya Navaro. I started drawinging at a young age. I lived in Istanbul until university. I graduated from the Italian high school in Istanbul. Since I was 12, i knew i was going to do something about fashion. I chose to study fashion design at NABA because i love Milan and it is the heart of fashion. I am also interested in photography and playing the piano. I like to communicate with different people and work interactively. I concentrate and carry out my best work to the end. My dream is to create my own brand and contribute to the understanding of fashion in Turkey. In parallel, i want to continue my education, improve myself, continue my other interests and move on to an academic career to transfer what I know when the time comes.