Sofia Perego

my name is Sofia, I’m 22, born in Milan and based i Brugherio, a little town near Monza’s centre. Im always looking for experimentation; my artistry comes alive with the research and continous finding of different functuality to things, changing their purpose.
Fashion allows me to give a purpose to my research and all of my ideas; infact the fashion world, in my opinion, is divine. The accuracy of the garments, richness of fabrics and the concept of preciousness are qualities that I would love to experience.
My collection is inspired by the signs i observed in my skin, I found it interesting discovering every inch of my epidermis that I had never looked before. I wanted to place the observed textures in a contrasting context in which I could recreate something new. Every garment is well studied to recall those signs: from wrinkles, scars, skin’s texture, tatoos and many more



starting from the concept of “fashion landscape”, i focused my attention on the relation established between the signs and scars on the skin with the frozen landscape of the north pole. Lands of cold ice with blues and whites they mix, linked together by splits and cracks on the surface. If we put a tattoed man( artificial spermanent signs) among the icebergs or an elderly lady, characterized by wrinkles and dryness( which they are natural permanent signs), they would transform our perception into something unreal. The signs of the epidermis can be natural, artificial, permanent or temporary within infinite textures.

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The concept of first Ergo’s collection starts analyzing the smooth but stringy texture of Nordic glaciers.
Surfaces that find surprisingly similarity with the epidermis.
The cold and hardness of ice paradoxically translate into the warmth and softness of human skin.
Tattoos, scars, spots, wrinkles: permanent signs worn by time or by experience, so for human also for the white arctic caps.

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Viola Nicolis

I'm Viola, I'm 21 and I come from a small town near Verona. I graduated in visual arts from the art school. Now i’m attending the last year of the bachelor's degree in Fashion Styling & Communication, waiting to finally start working in the fashion world.

For this project, I thought of setting the shooting in a in a photographic studio, to recreate an aseptic environment like ice.
The project for the fashion show takes as an example the installation that Giorgio Andreotta Calò presented at the