The "Scomposto" collection was born from the idea of ??showing many projections of a single body. Studying the body in its being without worrying about gender. It comes from the shapes that create the movements of silhouettes. The body is hidden, covered and reproduced like a second skin through the academic suits, simulating the ability to communicate through our movements; as if we were able to represent who we are without showing our face. The light and transparent fabrics suggest fluid movements. Textile manipulations such as prints and embroideries spontaneously enrich the second skin.The movements are inspired by the journey of light.The use of acid colors, such as purple and lime green, explore another dimension of facets, in which they emphasize the individual parts of the dress. The color highlights the details of the garments as frames of body movement windows.

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Silvia Valente

I'm Silvia Valente, I'm from Bisceglie in Puglia. My passion for fashion thanks to the special relationship with my grandma who is a tailor. This project is inspired by the the mimes of the early twentieth century and by the idea of creating a second skin to be considered as an agglomeration of the body's projections. The collection is named “Scomposto”and the shooting is the reinterpretation of the music video “demons” by Joji. In a surreal atmosphere four dancing bodies, express themselves in these complex but light and comfortable clothes.