Sacro Personale

My collection is the representation of a feeling i have in my mind from a long time; it started remembering a scene from my catholic elementary school of a grey nun shaking a little silver bell to scold some children.
I perceived that scene as surreal but, in a way, very similar to my current mental thoughts, so i decided to make it into something more concrete. Inspired by the final scene of “kill Bill. Volume 1”, the project contains a subtle violence deformed and perceived as pleasing and pretty, it’s about the color blue in its different forms showing how relative the sacralization of objects can be and it also contains references to women's underwear opposed to the harshness of denim.
The research ends with the “creation” of my “Sacro Personale”, translated in Personal Sacred, which is a sort of space where my feelings are real and shaped as humans in balance, with uncomfortable clothes in a pleasing way.

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Francesco Gatti

I was born in Lodi, I attended an High School of Visual Arts with a Graphic Design focus in my native city, and then I decided to move to Milan to study Fashion Design at NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. Beside the passion in what I consider an unusual and stimulating way of expressing ideas (fashion design), I’m also interested in illustration, photography and editorial design; I like imagining stories and building atmospheres in a constant attempt of pushing myself into doing something different and in a better way.