Rooted Flotation

My starting point - Tai Chi, is a martial art looking more like a dance of the spirit. A beautiful art of war and peace that is combining the masculine and feminine beginning in a perfect blend - Ying & Yang.

Using the storyline of the two polarities and their unification, I took further inspiration from the draping flow of the traditional Tai Chi Chuan uniform which is a reference for the softness and female part.

For the opposite energy, I examined the very heavy and masculine clothing dressed on the woman’s body, starting from war times. Representing the male energy through structure and tailoring.

In the basis of the Tai Chi philosophy lays an important concept about our strong connection with Nature. This was my inspiration to develop a 100% water soluble and 100% natural bioplastic which I used as a coating over the linen fabric, creating 3D natural patterns and shapes. Through the whole project I used only 100% natural linen fabrics and yarns.

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Maria Georgieva

Hello! I am Maria Georgieva, 22 years old from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I am a passionate young person with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. My love in life is art and design. Currently, I am graduating from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - Milano, in the course of BA Fashion Design. Even though I have a huge passion for fashion I always had a big thing for graphics, as well. I graduated High School with a diploma in Graphic Design. Now, I am combining my two loves in life into a deeper, wider world where I love to mix, match and experiment.

Inspired by the ancient Tai Chi chuan, the collection follows a combination between the masculine and feminine essence.
The designs aim to maintain a balance between polarities, using and mixing structural pieces with draped garments.
A strong accent is placed on the materials, following the environmental consiousness of the designer's mind.

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Viktoria Beluhova

I choose to follow Jorge Bucay’s explanation in life, where we are given three pivotal moments during our being. The first is when we acquire the tools we need. The second - when we learn how to use them in order to achieve satisfactory results. And the third - when we take care of what we have created and continue to improve.
My fashion path will continue to be paved with every effort I put into future work. The third part of our life is always the longest - it takes a lot more to be properly developed and it never stops growing.
And I am nothing else, but excited to see where it will take me!