Collection inspired by the concept of interference that contrasts two opposite worlds, namely the classic world and the pop one. The contrast occurs thanks to the shape of the dresses and the colorful patterns and the collection.

Within the branding this union took place thanks to the design of a Greek-style statue and the creation of a pattern inspired by interference, to maintain this concept, materials were used that could incorporate these concepts, such as: iridescent organza , and plastic material in order to play on transparencies, all accompanied by the “classic” style logo.

Alice Dellutri

Hi, I'm Alice Dellutri, I'm 22 and I was born in Varese. I studied at the A. Frattini Art School in Varese, with specialization in Visual and Multimedia Arts, for this reason I wanted to combine my greatest passions, that is photography and editing through fashion, I continued in NABA with the address of Styling & Comunuication precisely because through the programs I am able to express 100% what I want to achieve. Roberta delle Donne
This project embodies opposite concepts, namely the classic style and the Pop one, all united by the concept of interference that blends the two styles. The logo is composed of the design of a Greek-style statue and the colors are inspired by the Pop world.