Giuliana Fanara

I am from Naples. After I graduated from high school I made my dream come true by living in Milan and studying at NABA.
For me, fashion is a universal language that allows you to express yourself at 360 .
I have always found men's tailoring fascinating, over time I began to adapt that world to mine through totally fluid and genderless clothes. I always tell my projects with a minimal and clean aesthetic using a language for everyone


The collection is based on the concept of destruction and its subsequent repair. The destruction caused by the Irpinia earthquake is depicted by the deconstruction of the pieces, which are inspired by the popular clothing of the region. The concept is a person who tries to cover theirself in any way from cold and rain, with makeshift clothes which are not always their size or even intact. Golden stitches, made with gold threads, symbolize repair the way in which the Japanese art of Kintsugi symbolizes resilience.

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