Dieu Linh Hoang Nguyen

Switching my career path from Finance to Fashion at age of 26 and leaving my homecountry, Vietnam, to Italy for studying fashion design at NABA are the most happy and unregretable decision I have made.
The balance between feminine and masculine, elegance and streetstyle, expression and practicality are what I am looking for each collection.
I am grateful that 3-years at NABA has brought me a solid foundation of fashion design and has given me an opportunities to meet lots of amazing and creative professors, classmates, friends and school staffs.


In an early morning, I waked up, I felt lonely, get lost, depressed and disconnected with everything due to staying at home for long time. I walked out, headed to the park at dawn. It was dark, foggy, misty and blurry. I get down closer to the ground. I saw a dew on the leaf. It is clear, purity. But when I saw through it, It sparkled beautifully with different green shade of the leaf. I was astonished. Then the sun rose. Things are disappeared quickly. I was nostalgia, remembrance. I realized: life is tough in every stage. But in each difficulty there is always something joyful and beautiful. We should be positive and appreciate the difficult moments of our life now. The collection expresses the beauty of fleeting moment of nature. It is blurry, ephemera but sharp, clear, purity and peaceful.

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Revive, is a Fall-Winter collection made by Linh Nguyen. My interpretation of her concept is this feeling you have when you wake up early in the morning during the fall. During this season, things are darker, sadder. As you look through the window of your room, you cannot see anything because of the condensation and the fog that has been created throughout the night, you feel lonely and locked inside. I assume this is how the designer felt during the pandemic as she was in lockdown, and this collection is a way to express that.

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Marine Jessica Caron

My name is Marine Caron. Iím a Fashion Styling and Communications student at Naba in Milan. I have always had my heart set on working in the fashion industry and have pursued that goal for as long as I can remember. Being in fashion allows me to immerse myself in my other passions as well - photography and travel. When I am not here in Italy or in Switzerland with my family, I travel around Europe and back home to Canada or France to spend time with the rest of my family. My favourite thing about fashion is how it shows the beauty of multiculturalism and seeing that when you travel is the most rewarding.