Negar Malayeri

I'm Negar Malayeri from Iran. I'm passionate towards visual arts and design since I see it as a way to experience the World from different perspectives. My goal is to share how I see the ever-changing World, through creative thinking and development of wearable art.



“Remains of the glowing aftab” is a reminiscence of the visual landscape of Iran. It aims to create a contemporary reflection of the colorful but yet rough and imperfect past of this visual culture. The core of my inspiration was the historical architecture mixed with the one form of visual art that people of Iran most identify with, rugs!

With recycling damaged carpets and remembering the shape of forgotten landmarks my goal was to create contemporary pieces of wearable art from the remains of my countries visual glory.

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The collection “Remains of the glowing aftab” by Negar Malayeri is strongly connected to Persian culture and its heritage while still being contemporary at the same time. The concept for the communication of the collection is very much inspired by this conjunction of modern and traditional elements. A relatively subtle graphic design meets richer images. The cultural component and the contemporary component together create a sense of duality while at the same time they form a whole.

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Daniela Lanthaler

Hi, my name is Daniela Lanthaler and I’m from Alto Adige / Italy.
I have always been deeply fascinated by fashion and especially by fashion images. To me, fashion is a beautiful form of creative expression. In fashion communication we help to tell the stories of other people’s creative work and I’m excited to be part of that.