Diana Borea

Hi, I’m Diana Borea and I was born in Foggia.
My passion for fashion was born from my tender age. Thanks to my mother and aunt, who have always been passionate about tailoring, I have taught her basics. Over time my creativity became more and more present. I started to draw everything that was going through my head and I realized that combining my stories with clothing was the right way.
Following this technique and keeping me updated on what are the social events and that concern the planet, my collection was born. I imagined a world destroyed by man, with a single survivor wandering around the rooms of his mind perpetually in mourning, trying with his functional and practical clothing to survive and use the latter as if it were his only home.



The human mind that inhabits and lives on this planet is the reason why everything will be destroyed.
"Refugium" is a collection that derives from the study of functional clothing,
that hides, under draperies and cuts, pockets and sacks in which to hide the necessary to survive a hypothetical apocalypse, in which what remains is nothing.
In addition, each outfit is designed in such a way as to be the refuge itself for the wearer,
with padding that makes the garment comfortable and that therefore can serve as a support in moments of rest, or that can turn into sleeping bags or curtains, taking up the voluminous shapes that recall the sinuosity of the brain.
In the realistic perspective projected into an apocalyptic vision of a dead world,
who wears these clothes wanders, in the rooms of his mind in which he has taken refuge,
as a perpetually grieving survivor, without losing the woman’s need to maintain her elegance.

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For Aphasia’s editorial I chose some elements like withered flowers, dead plant and trees, and dry nature. The goal was to represent a destroyed world, this catastrophe was man’s fault. So, in an enclosed space I wanted to create a strong connection between a woman and what’s left of the world as we know.
That’s my point of view of Refugium Collection, designed by Diana Borea.

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Ludovica Del Verme

21 years old.
Born in Agropoli, Salerno.
I’m a stylist and art director based in Rome.
My main skills are graphic design, branding, editorial
projects, fashion videos and campaigns.
Branding and styling are the ones that I love taking care most.