Reborn in a Blossom

Based on personal and family memories and the lifestyle lived in the countryside, the collection is designed inspired by the figure of the farmer and what surrounds him during his work. The research starts from the study of peasant clothing from the beginning of the 19th century until today in which we have a progressive look at sustainability that brings us closer to the environment. Subsequently we will focus on the worked earth observing textures, signs of tools and traces of tractors that will give inspiration for motifs and textile processes. In the end the focus will be on what grows above the ground or the variety of vegetation but above all the country flowers that sprinkle the fields. The floral element will be used to characterize the color palette, create prints and crafts.

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Niki Signoretti

I'm Niki and I come from a small country town in the Marche region, I have studied fashion design since high school and I have had various experiences as an intern for various brands. Over time I have developed a style that represents me more and more by approaching a resort-style design and trying to find new experiments and craft through knitwear and textile processes to enhance my collections.