Anamaria-Bianca Giura

My name is Anamaria-Bianca Giura, Iím 22 years old. I was born in Romania but three years ago I decided to come to Milan tu study fashion design at Naba.

I've had a passion for fashion since I was a child and Iíve always considered that through creativity I can express my point of view to the world in the best way. Being original was my daily motivation and I create from the idea of doing something different from what I saw and what I had. The desire to persevere has always nurtured my passion for the fashion world.


The inspiration for the fall / winter genderless collection "QUINTESSENCE" is the connection between humanity and the entire universe.

The collection highlights the different characteristics of the elements that make up the solar system and the entire universe, connecting to the diversity of the human race and to the fact that our identity is unique, but in contradiction, to the fact that we are invisible and almost unidentified in relation to the size of the space.

This concept inspires dynamism through the fact that the planets revolve around the sun just as man revolves around a purpose in life Ė more precisely, around the center of his greatest interest.

The diversity and multitude of elements existing in space suggest the way we perceive and accumulate information, the reaction of each individual, gestures, facial expressions, but also the diversity of the appearance that exists between individuals.

Through shapes, colors and all-over prints, Quintessenza highlights the fact that each element of the space expresses its own uniqueness just like our fingerprints. Our fingerpint is unique, as the imprint we leave behind what we achieve and through what we identify.

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Lights, colours, planets, magnetism, shapes, opticals: there are the keywords that drove me in this project.
so inspiring was the story bu Valentino and Prada Linea Rossa. They expressed the real concept and moods for models and lights.
Through a play of lights and projected videos, recreate an environment that recalls a potential existence of life in space. The environment reflects the solar system with all its components and highlights the contrast between light and shadow, light and dark, dynamism and inertia; all these elements highlight "Man, a hieroglyph of the universe", the concept on which the collection is based and which comes to the aid of man to find his identity in a universe that makes him seem non-existent.
the protagonists of the shooting are the moving planets and the elements that make up the solar system.

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Giorgia Ferlauto

My goals are to aspire, grow and learn.
I am attentive to even the smallest details, without neglecting the main directives and the correct working methodology.
I'm always looking for new ideas that can challenge me.
Mine is an open, creative, determined, organized mind.
I am an extremely dynamic and sunny person, I love dialogue and interaction.
I like to work in the roles of planning, organization, coordination, preferring collaborative activities and assuming, where necessary, the leadership role, in a participatory attitude.