Hoang Phan Dang

I am a student of Fashion Design in NABA school. Before, i was a young artist for 10 years in my country-VIETNAM. I have been passionable about drawing and fashion when i was a child. I choose Milano to be starting point to make my dream come true. I hope to express my own imprint and personally in each design. Each of us was born to be ourselves and not a copy version of anyone. I will always be happy when i live with my passion and being my self.


"Quintessence” collection is inspired by two craftsmanship of traditional weaving of natural fabrics and bamboo and rattan, which are long-standing in Vietnam as well as in the world. creating a craft product made entirely from materials available in nature Currently, craft villages are gradually disappearing, so the use of products from craft villages is also an incentive. That economic development helps to preserve and preserve the traditional beauty of the craft villages. Besides, these handicrafts are made entirely from natural materials, thus ensuring the factor of environmental protection and sustainability is one of the factors that many products in the world are interested in, including fashion. Because of the skillful and supple hands of the craftsmen, they are the ones who bring the soul to the products, creating the value, not only economic but also spiritual and cultural values for nations. A worker needs to have the virtue of meticulousness, perseverance, diligence and carefulness in the process of creating handmade products because this process takes a lot of time and effort requiring the skill and technique of the craftsman have to be very skilled. The main collection is inspired by the process of creating handmade products, the close connection between human hands and natural materials to create products of lasting value. Through the collection, I want to send the message that people need to pay more attention to the environment, to combine human values and nature, to use natural elements in a rational and effective manner. a time to move to a green planet with sustainable organic produce.

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Phan’s collection was presented to me as a celebration of his native country, Vietnam, and in particular to the traditional weaving techniques of natural fabrics such as bamboo and rattan, peculiarities quite evident in his clothes.
Bordering on haute couture, I decided to give a twist to the collection presenting it in a bold way: colors are at the core of my artistic vision and here to make the garments stand out even more I decided to pair them with audacious shades of primary colors. This decision was strictly related to the title of the collection: the “Quintessence” of something is its essence, its purest and most concentrated form, that’s why I played with blue, yellow and red, the essential colors that together create all the hues of the world.

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Martina Gilardi

I’m Martina Gilardi and I’m almost 22 years old. I was born and raised in Lecco, on the Lake of Como. During my years in high school I studied languages and decided to continue along this path pursuing a degree in English. I chose to do styling mainly because during all my life to create different styles and new scenarios was the only way that I knew to express myself and my art, and to escape the reality that I was living in. During my years at NABA I also discovered many other passions, such as photography and collaging, which are now integral part of my creative process.