Quatrième Livre

Sometimes I am struck by an epiphanic joy, able to shake my soul.
And in these moments, while I am beeing one with the world, everything acquires its meaning: the inner state of my vivid spirit tunes into the wonderful ecosystem of the universe.

Embracing these emotions, with my collection I want to show how a quiet, gentle, lively, turbolent sound can be an extreme form of escapism from reality, an explosion of conflicting feelings for the soul.

Filled with melancholy and joy, the contrasting blend which pervaded me during the development of this work, I realized this collection with the ispiration of Andrej Tarkovskij, a brilliant Russian director and screenwriter.

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Alessia di Giacomantonio

Hi, I'm Alessia Di Giacomantonio, a fashion design student who currently lives in Milan.

I've always been passionate about design and visual arts. So, I decided to attend NABA-Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, in order to stimulate every day my passion, master the fashion design field and make my interests and goals a job.

With my introverted and sensitive nature and through my collections, I want to transmit, influence, stimulate and inspire people all over the world.