Elena Paiano

My name is Elena Paiano, I'm from Lecce, I'm 22 years old and I study fashion design.
My interest in fashion was born when I saw my mother and my grandmother sewing and embroidery and from that day I wanted to learn.
I am always looking for new fabrics and materials and I like to create combinations of bright colors.
I am very interested in everything related to my origins, art and past and I try to personalize them.


The society in which we live is changing rapidly and with it the rhythms of our days.
We live in a world where speed shortens distances and time is marked by appointments and continuous running.
We have become slaves to our habits, we no longer realize what is happening around us but We are no longer aware of what is going on around us, but only think about getting through the day with our endless commitments.
Of course none of us can slow down the pace of an entire planet, but on a personal level we can contribute by creating moments for ourselves.
Browsing through my childhood memories I often think of the days spent in the countryside with my grandparents, listening for hours to the rustling of the wind and loving to watch the women of my family embroider in silence.
The collection is a reminder of the craftsmanship and uniqueness of embroidery.
The items in the collection are composed of 3d embroidery, printed doilies and colored tubes covered with prints and crochet.
My choice of colors does not refer to the typical colors but I have taken strong and vibrant colors present in punk rock music.

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Based on Elena’s Punk-Tion concept, i I decided to stay faithful to elena's concept, focusing it more on the theme of punk prints and colors. The chosen location emphasized the concept of artistic chaos typical of rock.

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