The heart is the engine of our body, its beat allows us life.

Lozzano Hemmer in the opera “Pulse” has allowed our eyes to hear the sound that unites us most, but to which we pay less attention:
the beat of our heart.
So regular as not to be perceived, the heartbeat varies according to many factors, including music.
It never gets overlooked; he hears the voices, the notes, the melody of a piece of music, and coordinates his personal orchestra, everything is in harmony:
both around and within us.
This is how music flows through our veins.

The collection is structured and designed on the main form of the concept: the heart.
A strong but at the same time feminine woman, sure of herself, not afraid of exposing her emotions.
We find a contrast between rigid lines adhering to the body emphasized by innovative fabrics, processes, embroidery and transparencies that refer to the veins and the blood pulsations.

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Carolina Messineo

My name is Carolina Messineo, I was born in Praia a Mare a little town in Calabria, in the South Italy and I have 22 years old.
My passion for fashion started from an early age, I was very creative and I liked learning new things. In fact I decided to attend the Artistic High School and then I enrolled in NABA, the New Academy of Fine Arts, in Milan. What I love most is to design clothes expressing myself and my emotions.

PULSE collection by Carolina Messineo is inspired by the heartbeat and the pulsations it gives off. In addition, this capsule collection deepens the study of many artists who recorded the heartbeat by translating it into drawings, graphics ..
The collection's photo shoot has a clean aesthetic to give space to the voluminous clothes. The model assumes dynamic and moving poses to deliberately recreate a blurred effect. Some shots are in black and white and others red, worked in post production to remember the color of the heart.

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Giorgia Parolin

Hi, I am Giorgia Parolin I am twenty one years old and I come from Riese Pio X, a small village in the province of Treviso. My passion for fashion was born when I first entered eight years inside a large photo studio and I was enchanted by how many people worked on the set with different roles. My project tells the steps of life by relating to the heartbeat. Each heartbeat represents a small part of our path and to have a complete vision of who we are, we must combine the various beats otherwise you have a partial / blurred vision. I wanted to represent this in the photos taken thanks to out of focus shots, close up on the details, black and white and other red photos to remember the color of the heart.