Prenderci Tutto

Fashion is one of the most powerful means of communication. Clothes are not just fabric used to cover the body instead they represent a haven. A place where we feel good, in peace and free to be who we are without any restraint or censure. During the past expressing ourselves through fashion was something blocked by rules of rigours and sense of decency. Nowadays this is no longer the case. Today we celebrate ourselves with all the pomp we need. Today we make noise. In my opinion, fashion and music are means of communication that have always been linked creating an inseparable pair. This union has the power to generate something able to enter inside the minds and send messages that remain indelibly fixed in the memory of everyone. Actually a huge flow of emotions. According to this idea, I created a collection referring to artists of the current musical scene who use fashion in order to strengthen their own message. My goal is to bring an aesthetic trend, always considered as exaggerated, up to another level. Being too much is no longer a problem instead it represents a plus. There is just one aim: PRENDERCI TUTTO (take it all).

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Giuseppe galli

Maverick, revolution, determination and resourcefulness are my weapons and my shields. I have always been ready to clear the society aesthetic rules. Fashion allows us to express our ego. I have a precise aesthetic taste but I am able to fit all styles. I am an artist first and then a designer.