Plus Chad Que L'enfer

The collection tells of a business woman, who has beauty, money and wealth, but cannot and cannot love a man, because she is disappointed and hurt, so she uses men to her advantage and as toys and then throws them, the collection if she wants to show
a strong and courageous woman, who fears nothing and nobody, if not herself,
a woman who, however strong, is also fragile.

Drag horizontally

Giacomo Picchi

My name is Giacomo Picchi, I was born in Livorno on 20/03/1997 and I am a recent graduate in Fashion Design, my passion for fashion was born practically with me , since childhood I drew and at 9 years old I was the stylist of my mother.
As I grew up I asserted my passion thanks to the music I listened to during my adolescence, Lady Gaga was my icon and I loved her extravagant looks, then thanks to my curiosity I managed to mature from this point of view, thus getting to study fashion and at the same time start working for it and thus learning more and more.