“PHANTOM” is the result of a research whose aim is to give life to a collection that starts from a reflection on the speed that today shields us from every emotion; every gesture and thought are and remain sterile. Today, we live in a whirling everyday life; but not for this reason there must be an abandonment of the human consortium, but, rather, we must be able to manage the fear that is generated, maintaining connections with reality. A sense of bewilderment pervades us by making us fragile, the need to find one's self becomes preponderant. The intention is therefore to generate a collection with silhouettes that envelop the body, creating a sort of bubble around it, to protect it from the outside world. It offers the individual the possibility to rediscover himself, taking advantage of the silence that is created inside the garments, also allowing you to listen to your body. One is looking for something that is so difficult to identify, something that can only be silence.

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Serena Romei

My name is Serena Romei, I am 21 years old and I was born in Reggio Emilia; I currently live in Milan. I describe myself as a curious, artistic and creative person and it is precisely for this reason that as a high school student I attended the "Liceo Coreutico" where, in addition to traditional school subjects, several hours of dance are practiced. Later I decided to take the Fashion Design course at NABA, because I wanted to continue to express myself by combining my creativity with my greatest passion, fashion.