Enrico Gianmaria Taroni

Enrico Gianmaria Taroni, 21 years old

Hi , my name is Enrico Taroni, i’m from Milano and I’m currently studying Fashion Design at Naba. During the last three years i’ve discovered a real passion for designing things such as garments , in fact i’ve dedicated most of the time sewing things for me , in particular i focused on sewing trousers as they are for me a interesting pieces from the point of view both technical and estetical.
I don’t know what to expect in the near future, but for sure i’m looking forward to improve my skills working on my passion.


Perfect Blu

Arctic populations have developed sewing techniques to adapt their garments to the environments in which they live. My research starts from the analysis of the iconography of the fishermen native to the Arctic, collecting inspiration from the world of art and design. Land art and generative art are two of the artistic currents analyzed, the aseptic and uncontaminated environments are mainly colored by shades of blue. A magnifying glass is aimed at the research of experimental and innovative techniques.

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