People's Hidden Voice

We often wear a mask to hide our true identity or to provide others with an appealing character we build.Therefore my garments aim to give voice to what people hide or transfigure, to “People’s Hidden Voice”, in fact. My objective is to prove that sometimes dressing up does not mean express oneself but pretend to be someone else.Then, since the general theme refer to “The Sound of Fashion”, i want my clothes to publicly ring out what really dwells inside us.
This task is carried out by hand-embroidered writings and double faces along with craftsmanships that make the pieces unique. Instead, patterns and flat colors, including white, green, blue, orange and black bring out the recurring pleats.
The general mood reflects an urban appeal with references to the street world combined with a more feminine side provided by transparencies and cuts that highlight women’s body. A mix of modern materials and traditional craftsmanships suiting young age costumers in search for their true nature.

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Greta Masé

I am Greta Masè and I’m 22.I come from Milan where I am attending the last year of NABA's three-year Fashion Design course. My interest in fashion was born when I was around 12 looking at my father’s aunt, who was a tailor. Then, after attending a linguistic high school I decided to dedicate myself to the art world.I love fabrics and creating volumes and forms on mannequins. I think fashion is a visual language, so I decided to work on personalities and on how garments can give voice to ideas and hidden personal identities.I thus named my collection “People’s Hidden Voice”.

Greta talks about the evolution of a brand, from the logo, his applications and how coordinated images are crucial. Greta talks about ‘streets’ but in a cooler and minimalistic version. Color splashes oppose themself to a white and clear backround. With Greta everything is clear, specific and organized even if the moon can change. You can feel the brand living the streets, her masks capsule collection is very suitable in our ‘Covid era’.
Inspiration? Contrast, uniformity, cleanlyness and genderless: a basic street style with a climax of parallel lines, meeting to the infinite.

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Laura lombardo

From Must have,
My name is Laura Lombardo, 21 years old and a solid passion for fashion and its communication; passion that I had the opportunity to deepen during my university period at NABA - New Academy of Fine Arts, where I still follow the course of Fashion Styling & Communication. Art, literature and fashion have always been the fulcrum of my daily activities and have allowed me to develop my own style (still in development) but above all a critical sense of what I learn and what I consider to be my competence . My eloquent liveliness and expressive ability often brings me to the fore, a great leadership ability that allows me great visibility. Maximalist, perfectionism is part of my nature as well as the precise and linear control of all my creations, which in itself always tries to get out of the flock.
The interest is currently directed towards this master, but nothing simultaneously excludes a working interest, I consider myself a Multitasking person, commitment and dedication are some of my multifunctional descriptive lines.