Xiao Lin

I'm Lin xiao and I live in XIAN, China. My cousin was very fond of buying fashion magazines when I was young, so I think my interest in fashion came from that. Besides, I have been fond of painting since my childhood, and I have been learning it all the time. I really like the process of color matching. As a dual degree student of East China Normal University and NABA in China, I am very lucky to experience the different views of fashion in China and the West. I thought it was fantastic and wanted to make their combination my own.


I was inspired by a Japanese documentary ?Fruits of Life. The documentary shows the daily life of an old couple. They live in a house they designed and built, and they planted hundreds of fruits and vegetables in the yard. and live a self-sufficient rural life even in the city. They enjoy every moment of life. This attitude to life is very attractive to me. Todayís city life is fast-paced, work and life bring people a lot of pressure and anxiety, people canít enjoy the beauty of life better. At the same time, people get food. clothes become very easy, which also leads to a lot of waste. So my theme is pastoral life, a slow-paced and meaningful life state.
My three keywords are field, gardener and Tasha Tudor. Field has a beautiful natural texture, and the curve elements of my clothes are all affected by it. Gardenerís work clothes are also elements I use, such as hats, aprons, and rubber shoes. And loose silhouette. Tasha Tudor is an American grandma who pursues a self-sufficient life in the countryside. She likes the style of the 18 century? and she makes her own clothes. She has a very delicate and romantic life. So my series also has many romantic elements. And some elements from 18th century clothing, such as puffy sleeves and lace.

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The collection Pastoral Life is a reaction to the everyday life in the busy commercial city. It represents our desire to run away from the hustle and bustle, and encourages us to reconnect with nature. Whatís more, it promotes a simpler lifestyle which has benefits not only for us but also for our environment, by focusing on the importance of beauty, comfort, sustainability, care and growth. The collection is all about the healthy and harmonious relationship between nature and people, the appreciation of small things and the intricacy of making things by hand, revisiting old traditions, while thinking of the future.

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Tzveta Ivanona Torlova

Hi! My name is Tzveta and I am 21 years old. I am born in Sofia, Bulgaria and my name translated in Italian means fiore, which is the reason why my friends in Milan call me like that. I believe that fashion is the best storyteller and I am eager to explore its techniques and to put them into practice in order to communicate to people my work and my personal understanding of beauty. This is the reason why I decided to study Fashion Styling and Communication.