Beatrice Maricchiolo

I am Beatrice Maricchiolo, I’m from Trieste and I’m 22 years old. I graduated in 2018 from the social and economic high school of human sciences in Trieste and I am currently attending the last year of my three-year period in fashion design at the Naba in Milan. I consider myself an extroverted and dynamic person, I love creativity and challenge myself to learn new things. I love to observe what surrounds me and for this reason over the years I have cultivated many interests including photography, art and music.


Paradox Society

Pushed by the curiosity to understand the behavioural roots of the human being and its evolution within society, I have started by analysing garments' history and its usage. If at the origin its functionality was crucial to protect individual from wather and the external world, the technological and social evolution has impacted this concept. In fact, now clothings have gained a primary role in collectivity since garments express where an individual is located within society. In this transition, work suits have a crucial identity since it clearly express a status symbol which speak an international language, providing safety and importance to whom see it. However, the suit is the perfect example of how individuals hide themselves behind garments, masks that sometimes express something completely different from what it is. For this collection, I have decided to recall primary and necessary concepts in which the garment is conceived as something that you use to cover, decontextualizing them and merging them with the paradox of appear rather than being.

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