The Forbidden City, is the imperial palace of China's Ming and Qing dynasties, located at the center of Beijing's central axis. The Palace Museum in Beijing, with three main halls as the center, covers an area of about 720,000 square meters, with a building area of about 150,000 square meters. It has more than 70 palaces of various sizes and more than 9,000 rooms.

The Forbidden City in Beijing began construction in the fourth year of Yongle of Emperor Chengzu of Ming Dynasty (1406). It was modeled on the Nanjing Forbidden City and completed in the 18th year of Yongle (1420), becoming the palace of 24 emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties.

The Forbidden City has a history of nearly six hundred years, carrying the lives of emperors from generation to generation. I sincerely admire the endurance of this ancient and beautiful building, and want to express my admiration for culture through clothing.

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JULIA MEAN is a fashionable, young and innovative brand. JULIA MEAN takes women as the carrier, presents diversified styles of women, and creates low-key, minimalist clothes that are not afraid of changing trends. Due to the designer's love for humanistic culture, the brand emphasizes the quality of female self-confidence while reflecting the integration of culture in modern civilization is the design concept of the brand. Neat cut, textured fabric, blended with a sense of strength, showing women both elegant and self-centered attitude towards life.

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Wu Ziyu

Hi my name is WU ZIYU. I’m come from China and born in 1999. My passion for fashion is comes from fashion history and everywhere in life. Actually, you can find any beautiful things in anyone or anywhere, everyone’s explanations for fashion even beauty is different. I like to find something unexpected from life, from the nature or from the corner, even is a fragrance. They will make me very surprisingly. As the student of fashion styling and communication, I want to catch the hidden treasure through my sensitivity to beauty, and also express my fashion aesthetics to others who are unconfident in fashion.