Out Of Her Room

The awakening is a daily ritual, a kind of sacred space between the sound of the alarm and the beginning of the day. Breakfast is the first important step, a great appointment, a moment of strong intimacy with oneself, of peace but also of freedom. These are the key elements that develop the women’s collection project. The main concept on which the collection is based is to bring out all those elements, garments and furnishings of the interiors of the rooms, through sophisticated shapes, fine fabrics, volumes, applications of stones and prints transmitting the same welcome, intimacy and warmth of entering the bedrooms.

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Diletta Critelli

Hi, my name is Diletta Critelli and I'm graduating in fashion design at Naba Milano. I was born in Catanzaro, a small city from south of Italy. My personal idea of fashion has an introspective vision and in all my creations there is a part of me. My collection takes inspiration from the awakening, a daily ritual, a kind of sacred space between the sound of the clock and the beginning of the day. Breakfast is one of my favorite moments of the day and I decided to see it as a kind of first date, a moment of strong intimacy with yourself.

In the first part of the project I took care of the image of the designer Diletta Critelli continuing to follow a delicate aesthetic, with soft shapes and pastel colors that define the imaginary of the collection but also the essence of the designer herself. In the second part of the project I studied the image of her collection "in her room" that is about the concept of the awakening as a daily ritual and moment of intimacy with ourselves. There are clear references to the room and what it concern as familiar place full of stories where every women is more vulnerable. Soft shapes, volumes, paddings and pastel colors are my inspiration for her communication project in order to fully reflect her concept and her idea of communication.

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Silvia Occhiato

I'm Silvia Occhiato, I live in Vanzaghello, a town an hour away from Milan. I didn't remember accurately when my passion in fashion began, it has always been my dream since I was young. Certainly after I studied fashion in high school I have never doubted about my university career. In Naba I understood that I am interested in the world of "styling and communication" that I choose during in my second year, I hope to keep accomplishing it after my university career.