Sara Licini

Hi I'm Sara Licini and I was born on the 29 of June in 2000 in Bergamo.After graduating from scientific high school, I decided to study fashion at an academy. I like creativity and I'm interest in arts and fashion since I was a child. What I want to focus my future studies and works on are the design and research for accessories collection. -


Our Own Memories

The project represents the personal and unstructured reality that everyone creates in their own unconscious: through a collection capable of telling a distorted story, a surreality is described of which fragments of reconstructed experiences remain that tend to create a sense of loss in whoever observes them.
The purpose is not to make the concepts perceptible and comprehensible to an individual, but rather the function is the reverse: with a new representation, through the emotions and the affective feeling that binds us to memories, we arrive to question all the references that one has of a place or an object, deconstructing and reconstructing them in their own and singular way. Memories shape and distort themselves: ​​some concepts are kept intact, trying to keep them from us, while others change, taking on different volumes, sizes and colors depending on the importance attributed to them.

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