Arianna Barchetti

Hi, I'm Arianna Barchetti, born in the Marche where I graduated from the art school. I have always had very clear ideas, a great passion for art and fashion, in fact three years ago I decided to move in Milan to study Fashion Design at Naba. I always try to give the best of myself to get a lot of satisfaction in the projects I develop and always have the opportunity to improve to obtain more and more optimal results. I believe my strength is knowing how to best represent and illustrate the projects I carry out and I understood it thanks to this course of study that I have faced.


Today we are surrounded by countless social, health and environmental problems.
My focus is precisely on being and on the relationship of the individual with the rest of the world. We have all become a little apathetic, isolated and detached, where our only certainty is ourselves. We are losing the human relationship with the context that surrounds us, for this reason it is essential to find something that rejoins the primary values that an individual needs.
A health emergency that has led to major psychological problems; the lack of support and physical contact has resulted in social isolation. Decontextualization, asymmetry, balance and lack. Oversized garments, for the most part with hoods or balaclavas, as if the underlying individual did not care about her identity of hers. Details decontextualized as an isolated individual, where everything around him does not belong to him; asymmetry understood as strangeness and anomaly. Lack of self-esteem, of social support that leads the being to cover up, not to be recognized in order to find an inner balance.

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