Ohtla Studio was born from the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčspecifically creating a word that meant rebirth through its fragility. She wants to represent an independent woman and in symbiosis with nature, a predatory beauty who moves in the world dominating her fragility, using it to become stronger. The brand wants to tell stories, to grasp the most intimate human feelings to translate them into textures, shapes and colors. Bring them to light to create an atmosphere of sharing and awareness, wonder and provocation.

Rivolta Alessandra

Born in Borgomanero in 1998. Alessandra attends the Naba Academy of Fine Arts, with a focus on fashion styling. Her experience in the fields of graphics and photography led her to deal with food and jewelry-themed Still Life. His passions are art, photography, cinema and traveling. One day she dreams of dedicating herself to photography in the field of cinema, traveling and discovering the world.

IG: deepblu.raw