Camilla Vergotti

I’m Camilla Vergotti, I was born in Brescia in 2001 and I attended Liceo Artistico Leonardo with a specialization in graphics.
I have always liked to vent my creativity on myself and on what sur- rounds me, and I found my main means of communication in fashion and tailoring. Over the years I have discovered the artisanal and digital possibilities that fashion offers, developing my own style that is expres- sed in the balance between these two facets.



High mountains are often considered a hostile and extreme environment, a limit to be overcome; but yet there are those who have found in the mountains a place and a way to feel free and distant, a muse who, motionless and silent, teaches and inspires.
In this project the Mountain, from a simple “fashion landscape”, becomes a dress: it covers and enhances the body of the one who wears it, incorporating it in a welcoming embrace or decorating in a total and delicate way. Angular rocks and cold glaciers, joining a feeling of femininity and nostalgia, are transformed into prints, textures and details. The silhouette is vertical and elongated; in many cases the figure is completed with important volumes: as bulky and majestic in the upper part, as large and light on the bottom.
The range of materials used is very wide: from the most common fabrics, to those with more technical characteristics.

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