Francesca Antico

Hi I’m Francesca Antico and I was born on the 21 of August in 2000 near Milan. Since I was a child I always love creativity and manual activities. The will of travel led me choose to study languages ​​in high school, English, Spanish and German. My interest in the arts has not diminished over time, that’s why I chose to start an academic career in Milan with a focus on fashion design, in which I further developed my desire to give a different meaning to common things. Making an abstract concept concrete through materials.


The oneiric dimension is a psychic phenomena related to the sleep or REM phase and it represents a precarious balance that combine reality and unreality.
Real episodes of our life face drastic changes during the REM phase, so as to be absurd and disconnected once awake.
The subconscious gives life to enigmatic visions, sometimes peaceful, sometimes creepy, they can show fears, hope and memories.
The oneiric dimension can reveal repressed and forgotten parts set in our mind hidden while we’re awake in order to stay in harmony.
The dream is incomprehensible and it has a different value depending on those who experience it.
My collection is focused on the oneiric world, in which there is a precarious relationship from the tangible and the intangible.
The first aspect is underlined by the linear and clear shapes of the outfits, otherwise the second one is characterized by the texture of fabrics and the many manipulations on it.

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The collection aims to translate the utopian and surreal world of the unconscious into real and observable atmospheres in a concrete way.
“Oneiros” aspires to produce garments capable of leading the individual into a dream reality in which he can be, or not, manifesting his most intimate and deep desires.

Who chooses to wear an “Antiquo” garment is aware of how unique this is in its particular irregularities which, conceptually, refer to those fictitious and upside-down worlds. Places in which, in spite of what rational minds are used to believe in, the human psyche is capable of amplifying and evolving infinite times by discovering what its true identity is.

Through the shooting and the fashion show, the aim is to immerse the public in a perturbing space away from everyday reality.

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Margherita Data

I'm Margherita Data and I'm currently studying Styling and Communication at Naba, Milan.
Since when I was young, I’ve always felt a strong connection with the world of arts. This passion led me to desire to communicate my ideas and my points of view through the artistic expression. I strongly believe that art is a direct and impactful way through which people are able to get excited and to excite.

My creative way of thinking and my passion for reading and writing, allow me to give voice to my thoughts and to physically re-create them in real life.
My desire to continuously investigate, combined with a creative attitude and meticulous attention for details, lead me to a constant need to experiment and explore the unknown.
My goal is to work in the editorial world, field in which I’m allowed to communicate my kind of personal aesthetic through photography.

cel. +39 342 6312160