On Telas

The Salento Peninsula, my homeland, was the inspiration for the creation of my collection.
Ontelas comes from the sounds of Salento and the traditions of this area. It evokes the wide volumes of the traditional dresses of the Peninsula and those of pizzica, a traditional folk dance. While the texture takes inspiration from the urban environment which is part of my life. The earth tones are what always remind me of the places where I grew up, for this reason these tones characterize all my garments which reflect what Salento means to me.

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Alessandra Giuseppina Vizzino

My name is Alessandra Giuseppina Vizzino, I live in Cannole, a small town in the province of Lecce. I attended the Art School in Poggiardo (LE) where I took a degree in Jewellery Design. I have always loved my homeland Cannole which is rooted in traditions, customs and I really appreciate my daily life here. I have always had this special relationship with my town, its breathtaking views, beautiful landscapes, ancient dwellings and its local food. People here are very polite, cheerful and genuine but unfortunately there are also some disadvantages related to the condition of living in such a small town. For this reason I had to move to Milan, one of the most remarkable cosmopolitan city. Milan gave me the possibility to follow my dreams, to fully discover the fashion industry. In particular the Naba Academy, where I enrolled in 2017, contributed to bring me closer to this world. I am a very creative and determined girl, I like sewing, drawing, and I do all my best in order to accomplish the aim I set.