Margherita’s collection starts from the analysis of the relationship between the rooms and the people who live in them, in particular of hotel rooms which are all the same but made different according to who lives in them; the center of the collection is the idea of “voyeurism” of those who observe all this from the outside and are able to identify a psychological profile.
My interpretation is based on this concept of voyeurism: I imagined this third person who, without being seen, observes the wearer and spies on him. As a setting, a normal exterior in which the protagonists move under the gaze of the observer.

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Sofia Lepidi

Hi, I’m Sofia
I am 21 years old and I come from Voghera.
My passion for fashion was born exactly in my city many years ago, thanks to Valentino who has always been one of my style icons.
For this project, I focused on the concept of voyeurism present in the collection and I interpreted it using public places, imagining people who are spied on in their daily lives.