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The collection is based on a musical journey that first goes through jazz and beat generation in the United States in the 1950s. Arriving in London in the same period with rock and roll and the new youth subculture, teddy boys. They mimic the style of the Edwardian era, recreated by the tailors of Savile Row. The prints and embroidery are inspired by the sound of the New Order album, Power corruption and lies but also by the cover in which the designer Peter Saville inserted a French painting from 1890 called "a basket of roses". The band was born in the 80s in England from the post punk and new wave genre.
The black lines created through the rhythm of the music are also connected to the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat who similarly reveal an assonance between visual and musical expression.
In this way, through all these elements, is created a union between rock spirit and a slightly dandy English style.

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Emma Caterina Cortesi

I am 23 years old and I was born in Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy. I attended the artistic high school to address figurative arts where I learned various painting and sculpture techniques, also passionate about the history of art and costume. During the last year I attended a course in cutting and sewing because I wanted to deepen that new field , I always scribbled clothes and wanted to try what it was like to try to make them real. After a gap year around Europe to get to know new places and people, I moved to Milan and started studying fashion design at Naba.