The five senses of the human body are connected to the brain through "nerves".
Gao Ming, the author of "Genius on the Left, Mad on the Right", interviewed more than 200 mentally ill, mentally handicapped and marginalized people to record their cognition and understanding, and the information they received was different:
1. He killed many people and thought the color of the blood was very beautiful, especially the color after washing with water made him feel very comfortable. He thought it was his nature and there was nothing wrong with it;
2. Washing hands frequently, trying to wash off germs, Matrix, thinks we are germ slaves.
3. He can see different animals in each person. He said the author was a spider with many claws.
4. Repeatedly dreaming of waking up in an eggshell every day.
5. He often dreams of "Mr. Shadow", the facial features of Mr. Shadow are constantly changing, as if the faces of many people appear on the same face very quickly.

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