Chiara Bozzoli

Biography: I come from a small town in the province of Bologna, but I currently live in Milan. I grew up with a passion that gradually became stronger and stronger: and thatís fashion. So I obtained a diploma as a fashion technician at the Cattaneo Deledda Institute in Modena. With the awareness that the acquired knowledge is never enough, I decided to continue my studies in fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. The design and creation part is what fascinates me the most. Experimentation is an indispensable part for me, I like to test the knowledge acquired during the years of study and link them to what I learned from small jobs in this field.


In a world where people need everything immediately, there is still the possibility of limiting excesses. Nowadays, nothing is easier than to deceive yourself, because it is what every man desires, to the point of believing that it is true. In fact, the collection will focus on the classic clothing adopted by magicians, consisting mainly of jackets, trousers and shirts. Deconstructing the garments, I created illusions by working on the classic elements to which our eyes are widely accustomed. Only the shapes will change, while the fabrics will remain faithful to those used to make the suits. The garments being them self illusions, will not have exaggeratedly evident transformations. The collection will consist of 20 outfits for women and 10 for men.

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The project for the collection of designer Chiara Bozzoli stems from an in-depth research on the world of illusion. The outfits are a reinterpretation of the classic clothing worn by the prestigious, therefore jacket, trousers and shirt. They were then deconstructed to create illusions. The colors of the collection are in shades of black, gray, white and with a silver tip to attract attention.
For the realization of the shooting I therefore followed the idea of the collection, recreating a moodboard on the illusion. I thought about creating photos using mirrors and then working in post production to create collage.
The accessories chosen are in silver to reflect the light points used in the outfits, and to contrast the more classic style of the clothes.

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Lisa Maini

Hi, I'm Lisa Maini, I'm 22 and I come from Parma.
After attending art high school, I decided to continue my studies in the world of fashion that has always fascinated me. I enrolled at NABA in Milan and I am currently completing my fashion styling and communication studies. Since I was a child I have always liked art and drawing and I also enjoyed dressing and creating outfits for dolls. Growing up I realized that I could follow this area and work in the world of styling.