Veronica Drago

Hi I am Veronica Drago I come from Rome, I am a fashion designer. I have a very creative and eclectic personality, I am constantly thinking about what I could create and I need to translate into a new point of view every aspect that the world enjoys me, as if I were a reworking machine. My early passion for drawing soon found a purpose in fashion, and since then, the two have only evolved together into what is now my artistic identity.


night crawler

The project Night crawler stems from the concept of "landscape" and takes its precise delineation in the scenery of the night undergrowth, wanting to analyze the transition from the objective description of the place, to the inner unravelling that this provokes. It is a nocturnal context with a prickly appearance that triggers a mad curiosity.

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The Drago Brand dedicates its first collection to the world of the undergrowth, translating its inspiration into deconstruction, cuts, and acid prints. It tells with total transparency a world that lives in darkness and in the mystery of the night, from which man, out of fear, remains far away.
The element of thorns and the disenchantment of the collection are graphically translated with a personalized logo where the surname of the designer Veronica Drago becomes the name of the brand, decorated with small thorns.
The aesthetics of the collection led me to develop a project that reinterprets the concept of undergrowth, placing it in our contemporaneity and in a context that is anything but natural: our city.
Like the undergrowth, discos are the habitat of the creatures of the night.
Like a wood, disorients, stuns.
The creatures of the night have a few hours of real life and without limits. Out of there, life in the light awaits them.

Matilde Manca

I’m a stylist based in Rome.
In the last two years, I have tried to discover and work with emerging Italian designers.
I have a main focus on independent newspapers and the new panorama of Italian fashion publishing.
I like to evolve, set after set, job after job.
Styling is what I love most, but I always try to learn as much as possible from the various roles I meet along my path