Dimitar Mitkov Stefanov

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Worldbuilder and storyteller. Creating alternative realities through art and fashion.



«Новая Энергия» (From Russian: “New Energy”) is a fictional Post-Soviet cult movement rooted in Bulgarian folklore traditions whilst drawing inspiration from Soviet youth culture and the Space Race. The cult’s beliefs suggest extraterrestrial contact - akin to a UFO religion.

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«Новая Энергия» [ˈnovəjə ɪˈnjerɡjɪjə] (From Russian: “New Energy”) is a Bulgarian Post-Soviet cult movement, rooted in Bulgarian folklore traditions. It was founded by pagan ritualist-practicing people who begin interpreting Soviet symbols from the Space Race era as signs of prophecy, suggesting extraterrestrial contact, resulting in a UFO-like religion.

Keywords: Soviet - Space Race - Pagan - Bulgarian Folklore

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Mohamed Elhadi Hammami

A north-African guy born and mostly raised in Italy, in the paper’s city, Fabriano.
Always fascinated by the beauty in each field (art, design, fashion), I think that we could find beauties in everything. Clothes are our post-card, the first impression that we gave to someone that is looking. At first sight, someone well-dressed at our eyes is a nice and good person. Clothes are the keys for our soul.