Anna Paula Rodriguez Garzaro

My name is Anna Paula Rodriguez Garzaro, I am Guatemalan and Italian. I always had a great passion for fashion, I loved imagining new clothes, imagi- ning fabrics and textures. I like to be creative and imagine new things and try
to carry them out. I am looking for satisfaction when finishing a project, to be
sure that I like it and be proud of what I created. My style is minimalist, I like the simple but special, I am not a person with very extravagant or exotic tastes. My goal is to transmit good taste and security to women, who feel beautiful and special, clothes that they can wear daily without losing style.


I focused on how the planet is dressed, nature, living beings, natural disasters, natural phenomena and I tried to find a common point between natural phenomena and fashion, and I get
to the point where both have movement and volume, both have power over the world. Natural phenomena are a way in which the planet speaks to us, and in fashion, clothing is a way in
which we can express ourselves and speak to the world.

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