Sara Carini

Art and creativity have always been my companions from the earliest age. When I was eleven years old I developed a particular interest in the fashion world that then changed into an awareness of wanting to pursue it on a professional level. My studies in architecture at the high school allowed me to open up even more my views in the artistic field and to mix two worlds I am most passionate about: fashion and architecture.
Recently I had the opportunity to taste the world of fashion through an internship at Etro. This experience has confirmed even more my interests, encouraging me to give my best to fully enter the fascinating and bizarre world of fashion.


The collection is inspired by the most devastating climate change in recent years; hence the title: "natural catastrophes”.

The main theme is divided into four: each disaster is associated with one of the ‘four elements’.
The element of water is related to the problem of melting glaciers, the fire is related to the arson that have occurred in the last year, the air to tornadoes and the earth to earthquakes.

My project not only has as its main theme “natural disasters”, from which it takes inspiration for shapes and colors, but it is committed to the recycling of garments and material through the use of fabric scarps accumulated by factories and people over the years.
The recycling concept is therefore included through the choice of using old scraps of fabric as the main texture of the collection. 80% of the garments in the collection have been designed to be developed with discarded fabrics or clothes no longer usable, which I decided to deconstruct, giving them a new life in a form of high fashion.

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