Elisa Fiorilli

Hi, I am Elisa Fiorilli and I come from a small town located in Massa Carrara province, Montignoso.
Both of my grandparents have always worked and loved fashion industry and had the opportunity to experience different areas. During my childhood I always enjoyed listening to their anecdotes, and started to approach knitting and embroidery with my grandmother since I was 8 years old.
This collection is also about them. wanted to talk about something I felt really comfortable with, a family tradition: The Viareggio Carnival.
This collection wants to celebrate the origins and history of the Viareggio Carnival, with a focus on the Commedia dell'Arte and the historical masks that gave birth to what later became the carnival mascot, Burlamacco.



This project centers on the creation of a Women's Collection inspired by the typical atmosphere of the Viareggio Carnival. The yearly event represented a recurring moment of joy to me during my childhood, providing a fundamental component of my personal creativity. I focused on the graphic aspect that was used by carnival designers and its change over the various years. I studied the forms of the various posters drawn from the late 1920s to the early 2000s.
I investigated the methodology by which the “Carri” are created and made some fabric accessories by assembling them with the papier-mâché technique used by the artists.
I also worked out manipulations and prints that harkened back to the world of carnival and the process of making the “Carri”.
Of equal importance, was the commedia dell'arte and the traditional masks that characterize each country, analyzed through a study of the forms.

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