Anna Löffelhardt

My name is Anna and I am from Germany. My ability to find interest in details of my surrounding leads me to express those through fashion. The same curiosity feeds my drive to experiment out of my comfort zone and try to find new perspectives and angles.


Moments of Destruction

„Moments of Destruction“ takes us through a distressed Landscape. The collection is focussing on the act of destruction from fire to the deterioration of time. Despite the often unpleasant idea of finiteness, one is open to explore the beauty in destruction and imperfection.

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The collection “Moments of destruction” by Anna Löffelhardt is inspired by different forms of destruction. Destruction is loud, bold and uncompromising. Therefore the graphic design for the collection is inspired by those keywords. All the fashion images instead were meant to have a strong and quite literal connection to the original source of inspiration for the collection - destruction. That is why the looks were captured in a partly destroyed building. The aim was to create a setting that is authentic and coherent with the concept of the collection.

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Daniela Lanthaler

Hi, my name is Daniela Lanthaler and I’m from Alto Adige / Italy.
I have always been deeply fascinated by fashion and especially by fashion images. To me, fashion is a beautiful form of creative expression. In fashion communication we help to tell the stories of other people’s creative work and I’m excited to be part of that.