Mia Follia

Folly, from latin ‘follis’ which means ‘bellows’, ‘airballoon’, defines a person with an “empty head”.Is the mind of a fool really empty, though?
A balloon full of air isn’t properly empty, since it being full of air mans it contains something.
This ‘air’ consists in the psyche, so a breath of life. So, the head of a fool isn’t empty, but full of meanings, metaphores and mysterious symbols.
‘Abnormal’, ‘different’, ‘crazy’, ‘fools’ are names told to all the people that act in a inconsiderate way, without criteria. The fool is a restless person, who is able to do unexpected things and maybe to have even dangerous behaviours.
Folly is a states of absurdity, eccetricity, unreasonableness, which brings confusion, psycosis, visions and altered behaviour. The folly is able to change the face, the behaviour and the movements of a person, the way he perceives the world around him.
Individuals affected by folly can show us with a vortex of colours, sounds, words and gestures the vision of reality.

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Sofia Interligi

Naba student since 2017, with visual arts studies behind.
Passionate about art and fashion, fields that she tries to unite through her collection named “Mia follia”, inspired by the works of artists from the past that suffered from mental illnesses.
In her future project she have aims to study tailoring to work in a theatrical field, so this two passions will be joined together in a world that includes ancient tales, beautiful scenographies and costumes, that have made the history of our culture.

Foolish from the Latin follis, or bellows, bellows, or balloon full of air indicates an empty-headed person, but is the mind of a madman really empty?!
a balloon full of air is not exactly empty, as the air is constant in the psyche or a vital breath.
the madman’s head is therefore not empty but full of metaphorical meanings and mysterious symbols which, if interpreted, can lead to surprising “drawings”.
As a primitive conception the assigned madmen attributed magical powers.
with modern society madness is created disease and brings all the marginalization of the individual.
The madman is therefore a restless individual, capable of unexpected action and warning of risks.
as if madness in man would be a state of perpetual intoxication.
Therefore madness is a state of absurdity, extravagance, eccentricity.
Madness is able to change the face of an individual’s movements the way he looks and listens to the world around him.
Individuals affected by madness can show us through a swirl of colors and gestures their perception of reality.

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Lorenzo Ruffa

Mi chiamo Lorenzo Ruffa, sono nato e vivo a Milano.
La mia è una passione per la creatività, non solo per la moda ma anche per il design e la grafica.
Mi è sempre piaciuto sin da bambino creare modifiche e cambiare degli oggetti che nell’infanzia erano per di più disegni di macchine e magliette di calcio.
Mi piace molto raccontare e dare una mia visione di qualsiasi tipo di storia oppure cambiarne il modo di raccontarla e mettere sempre del mio nei lavori.
La mia ispirazione per questo lavoro è data dall’interpretazione di clown e figure esoteriche fuse alla mia grande passione per il maestro Fellini.