Mezzazine, Uno strano immaginario onirico

A dreamlike journey capable of erasing the border between fantasy and reality, an individual reality that is constantly challenged by anxieties able of transforming man and catapulting him into another, almost divine dimension. This is the spirit that permeates the half-sleep of Robert Del Nanjia, leader of the Massive Attack, the group that in Bristol in the 90s helped spread what Tricky would call "pre millennium tension", through a genre permeated by a mixture of slow variations but bewitching, able of reflecting the sense of alienation that belongs to the man of the end of the millennium. The project aims to show the sensations that permeate "Mezzazine", the undisputed masterpiece of the musical group. The album represents a paranoid and hypnotic journey on the border with reality, a journey towards a soul city, in which a sense of loss and oppression is shown, but which at the same time appears fascinating.

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Rachele Castelnuovo

I was born in Como on 09/25/98, I attended the art high school, and then Fashion Design at Naba. During my career I did some internships within this area such as that in a textile company, where I was assistant style office and I was in charge of cataloging fabrics. Since I was a child I have always been passionate about fashion, thanks to my grandmother who passed on her passion. Over time I have developed a more specific interest within the fashion system and the world around it, accordingly I have taken this path.

Brand image of “Rachele Castelnuovo” collection.
The project stages the strictly dreamlike and Kafkaesque vision of Robert del Nanjia, leader of Massive Attack, the group that gave birth to trip hop; the albums they give life to, and in particular "Mezzazine", provoke a strange journey with the mind, starting from Robert's dreamlike obsession with insects, whose half-sleep was permeated by fixations in which he imagined being devoured by strange mysterious and threatening insects.
The collection shows a game of transparencies and confused alternations of colors that are obscured by darker dacrom fabrics. All focused on the overlapping of garments of the most disparate shapes, which recall that reminiscent of armor, which recall not the aggressive aspect of the beetle but the lucidity and reflections of the protective outer structure of the beetle, apparently gloomy but which actually hides a amount of reflections and colors that vary depending on the light.

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Clarissa Citterio

Hi, I am Clarissa Citterio and I come from Brenna, a small village in the province of Como. My passion for fashion was born even before the high school time, and following this experience I choose to sign up at NABA.
I am fascinated by the world of photo shoots, the search for locations, casting and everything related to fashion shooting.
During these academic years I have learned to work in team and to be welcome and ready to work for and with different persons. For this project I was inspired by the collection of Rachele Castelnuovo integrating it with what is her aesthetic and my creativity.