"Metamorphosis" is the Spring Summer 2021 collection presented by the brand SAFE, made of knitwear and inspired by the myth of metamorphosis of Dafne. According to Ovid, to get revenge on Apollo, Cupid threw an arrow at him that made him fall in love, and at Daphne one of the disenchantment. Thus begins the pursuit of the nymph by the God, who does not stop his race, until Daphne asks her father to change form, and is transformed into laurel, to which Apollo will be devoted forever.
For the styling of this collection I decided to play on the theme duality between escape and freedom, which is marked not only by a change of color palette in the clothes, but also in the aesthetics of the entire creative project. The first phase is dark, dark and messy, you can never see the face of Daphne, heavily rigged with dark colors. The second instead positively represents the metamorphosis of Daphne, which enters in connection with nature, is kind, pure, free from any oppression.

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Marcella Pagliari

I am Marcella Pagliari, I am 21 years old and I was born and raised in Crema, a small town immersed in the Lombard countryside. There I attended the Liceo Classico A. Racchetti, experience that has increased my passion that I cultivate since childhood, fashion, teaching me to look at things through multiple points of view. After graduation I chose to transform my passion into something more concrete, so as to make it a job. I joined NABA, Fashion Styling and Communication in English, where I learned to express my creativity, and my vision of things, through fashion.