Alexandrina Condraciuc

Born in Republic of Moldova I moved with my family to Italy in 2008. Here after the basic education I chose to study Fashion Production Tailoring and Textile for five years at R.Cossar/L.Davinci in Gorizia, inspired by my passion for art and dear grandparents who where a tailor and shoemaker. After some internships during the school years and a short work experience in the fashion field it was clear that my knowledge should be broadened even more, so I enrolled in Fashion Design at NABA, Milan.


Metamorfosis is a still image of the garments in the middle of the transformation into something beyond the current state of evolution. Shapes that twist on themselves, clothes that deform, fabric as dissolved in certain points and modeling with little respect for human comfort or gender. Visual inputs that aim to push the viewers to look beyond rules and trends to a bigger picture where humanity isnít that another layer that dresses the plant. A precarious casing in continue metamorphosis that today may exist but not tomorrow.

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Thinking about the theme of metamorphosis I was inspired by the Alexandrina Condraciuc dressesís shapes.
Everything turns into something that is not yet defined and gives space for imagination and for a meeting of inspirations.
Just so this metamorphosis takes place you have to merge with this garments that allow the transition from one reality to another. A reality that cannot be explained but only imagined trying to fall into this part and this happens wearing her collection.

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Costanza Sapuppo

Fashion design student, focus on fashion styling.