The collection itself is called Meraki and it comes from the Greek words that means “ to do or create something with so much passion that you leave a piece of your should in it”.
This is definitely my most personal and intimate collection so far.
This personal project aims to show the viewers what emotions and our body can inspire us to do.
Being my final academic project i wanted to push the boundaries and step out into my comfort zone, challenging myself with a big project and by doing something that i really like.
I’ve never really enjoyed showing my feelings and emotions to people; I guess through a fashion collection is the right compromise for me to open up a little bit more and show my emotions not through my body and my gesture by rather through something more palpable like fabrics and clothes.
For this collection my two biggest inspiration must definitely be Nikola Tesla, a scientist that affirms that human body can be afflicted, altered and transformed by the sounds and vibrations not only from human contact but as well as the nature that surrounds us. Louise Bourgeoise is the other big inspiration for this collection: what i really admire from her work is her capability to transform and create art from something negative; whether it was a nightmare, a negative memory or a sound of a familiar voice. I admire her capability to create something beautiful from something awful, something good from something bad, something that we can call art from pain.

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Kenneth Gonzales

Filipino by origins, but born and raised in Milan, Italy. I’ve always been surrounded by design, architecture and arts and that has definitely inspired me to pursue a career in Fashion Design.
Fashion Design for me is the epitome of creativity that has almost no limits.
What i love the most about this industry is the creative process that starts from shifting and organizing ideas to making them concrete.
I’ve never been an outgoing person especially when it comes to showing and expressing my emotions to people. Through the creative process of design a collection i finally found my way of showing people, a piece of me, not thought my body or my gestures but through something more palpable like fabrics and textiles.