Meia-Lua explores childhood and preadolescence through three different themes: innocence, sexuality and distortion. Meia-Lua gives emphasis to the fun and prejudice-free mind set we all have as kids, while normalizing one's body experimentation and beginning of sexual awakening. The collection presents a subtle take on important issues using silhouettes and prints, and incentives a joyful take on dressing-up. It's a reminder to wear what makes us happy as we once did when we were younger.
This Collection focuses first on a state of innocence. Social constructs have the least impact on our behavior during childhood, allowing children to dress in non-conformant and unpredictable ways. In this Collection, bright colors, unusual textures and shapes, mismatched prints and layering, replace society's constructs for what is right.
The state of innocence peacefully interacts with the pre-adolescense sexual awakening, which the Collection attempts to normalize rather than censor. Cut-outs on different body parts and sensual silhouettes are an invitation to embrace sexuality while avoiding the over-sexualization of the female shape.
Finally, the Collection approaches the infant tendency to distort the body shape. Children stuff their tops with oranges and wear oversized heels to imitate adult body shapes. The distortion tendency follows the child into adolescence and adulthood as a means to cope with the need to fit-in prevailing beauty standards. This theme is reflected in pieces that distort the body through unfitted, over and undersized silhouettes, padded fillers and prints that manipulate concrete childhood memories of the designer’s own experience with body image.
The name of the collection is Meia-Lua, an expression used by Portuguese children to describe a distorted kiss - half on the lips, half on the cheek -, a perfect balance between innocence and sexual awakening.

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