Naike Crestani

I was born in the Marche, I am 21 years old. My fashion has always accompanied during my childhood but unaware that it could become my dream. Behind this path I have taken there is the passion for everything related to the artistic world, such as design , photography, music, architecture and art. All these worlds have always been part of me and have allowed me to express my creativity without any limits.My goal in the future is to undertake a path as a designer, to create an independent reality that encompasses all my passions.


Care for things and awareness of ourselves and what is around us are words that are now far removed from our way of life in todayís society, a society made up of consumption and excesses. This attitude of rejecting the ideologies imposed by society was expressed close to the sixties and seventies by two artistic currents; Arte Povera in Italy and Mono-Ha in Japan. Both movements aim to reaffirm primary values ??such as the sense of earth, nature, energy, innocence. This call to simplicity translates into their works in the use of unconventional and everyday materials such as: earth, ropes, rocks, clothes and paper. In the collection, fabric manipulations and a greater attention to the use of poor materials prevail, inspired by the works of the respective artistic movements. The garments in the collection take up the typical oriental garments while always maintaining the occidental style in a modern key.

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Nowadays, society is characterized by consumption and by the exponential production of goods. In this period in particular, men have lost touch with their true selves and with values such as cleanliness, time, balance and taking care of things.
Materia-Materia is the collection of the Cochise brand that deals with the theme of simplicity, a feeling that belongs and will belong to every past and future time. This thought refers to the artistic currents of poor art in Italy and Mono-Ha in Japan and it translates itself into a collection in which paper, clay and other uncommon materials in the fashion industry become the fundamental aspect of the garments.
The synergy between the eastern and western world is best expressed thanks to clothing, which connects two apparently opposite realities.

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Melania Musci

Iím Melania Musci. I was born in Molfetta.
My passion for fashion has been passed on to me by my grandmother since childhood. She was a seamstress and thanks to her I learned about fabrics and to appreciate the quality of a garment.
The fundamental elements of Cochise, Naike Crestani's brand, are the use of poor materials and artistic interventions on the garments. Cochise transforms raw fabrics into disruptive works that make the wearer the keeper of a message made of of primary values.
The graphics and handwritten texts emphasize the care taken at every stage of production as if it were an ode to craftsmanship.