The manifesto is a statement setting out the principles of a movement. Through my collection "MANIFESTO" I represent an ideal: I am the manifesto of myself, through fashion you can transform the concept of being what I am and what you believe in. The New York of the seventies was the home oh those minorities who had a voice through the development of communities of artists of all kinds. Art becomes a means to tell their lives. Power groups have found a scapegoat, indicating diversity as a threat. In those years we see the struggle for the rights of the LGBTQ community, every non-hetero individual was considered immoral and this community still has to fight for their rights. At a time like the present, there are still those who use their power not to protect this community. When I through about this collection, I imaged a World where there are no labels and where each individual can wear what most represents theirselves.

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Elisabetta Tardi

My name is Elisabetta tardi, I'm 22 years old and I'm currently finishing my studies in fashion design at NABA, based in Milan.
I have lived in Matera for most of my life, located in the heart of southern Italy.
I attended classical studies in high school trying to cultivate my passions, such as fashion and photography in particular. I chose to study fashion because I see it as an eclectic form of artistic expression, it takes inspiration from everything around us and is a way to tell a story, an emotion.